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Lecture Videos:


Why Evolution Became Popular



Fantastic Designs in Nature




God, Creator of the Universe



God, Creator of Life



God, Creator of Time





Intelligent Design - Science or Religion?



The Science of Faith




Entropy and Design

Thermodynamic and Genetic





Science vs. God?

(PowerPoint Link)









The Best Arguments Against Intelligent Design

(PowerPoint Link)




Early Man

(PowerPoint Link)




Theologians for Darwin

PowerPoint (Link)



Origin of Carnivores and Parasites




Carnivores and Parasites &

Professors Promoting Evolution at La Sierra University





Evolution vs. Creation

A Case of True "Science" vs. "Religion"?

La Sierra University Lecture:

Power Point Presentation: Link


Part 1



Part 2

Part 3



Why are you a Christian?



The Creator






William Lane Craig vs. Peter Atkins







William Lane Craig vs. Peter Slezak






Interesting Links and Clips:


"Fresh" Dinosaur Soft Tissue?




Fossil Whales of Peru Challenge Radiometric Dating




BioVisions at Harvard University

Cellular Visions: The Inner Life of a Cell

( Link )




Dean Kenyon: Author of Biochemical Predestination: ( Link , Link )

Dean Kenyon was a leading evolutionary biologist from the 1960s through the 1980s, but eventually became a reluctant believer in Intelligent Design after being challenged by one of his students to explain protein assembly without original sequence information



Flagellar Cap



Google Videos:


Unlocking the Mysteries of Life (Link)



More Interesting YouTube Videos:


Walter Veith: A Scientist's Journey From Evolutionist to Creationist (Link)

Walter Veith is currently Professor and Chair of the Department of Zoology at the University of the Western Cape, South Africa



Walter Veith: Genetics (Link)



The Human Body (Link)



The Atmosphere Problem (Link)


Clifford Goldstein:

The Importance of Creationism to the SDA Church

GYC 2009






Evolution of La Sierra University


Science Department Lectures and Syllabus



Lee Greer and Gary Bradley


Gary Bradley


Larry McCloskey

  • Deleted per request

Lee Grismer 

  • Deleted per request

Lee Greer

  • Deleted per request

Guest Speaker

  • Er Taylor on Radiocarbon dating (deleted per request)











. Home Page                                                                           . Truth, the Scientific Method, and Evolution   

. Methinks it is Like a Weasel                                                 . The Cat and the Hat - The Evolution of Code   

. Maquiziliducks - The Language of Evolution             . Defining Evolution    

. The God of the Gaps                                                           . Rube Goldberg Machines  

. Evolving the Irreducible                                                     . Gregor Mendel  

. Natural Selection                                                                  . Computer Evolution  

. The Chicken or the Egg                                                         . Antibiotic Resistance  

. The Immune System                                                            . Pseudogenes  

. Genetic Phylogeny                                                                . Fossils and DNA  

. DNA Mutation Rates                                                            . Donkeys, Horses, Mules and Evolution  

. The Fossil Record                                                                . The Geologic Column  

.  Early Man                                                                                . The Human Eye  

. Carbon 14 and Tree Ring Dating                                     . Radiometric Dating  

 . Amino Acid Racemization Dating                   . The Steppingstone Problem

.  Quotes from Scientists                                                           . Ancient Ice

 . Meaningful Information                                                          . The Flagellum

 . Harlen Bretz                                   . Milankovitch Cycles

 . Kenneth Miller's Best Arguments




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